SILAMPARI JURNAL PENDIDIKAN ILMU FISIKA 2021-07-02T05:24:42+00:00 Tri Ariani Open Journal Systems <div class="_Ejb"> <div id="tw-target"> <div id="tw-target-text-container" class="tw-ta-container tw-nfl"> <p style="text-align: justify;"><strong>SILAMPARI JURNAL PENDIDIKAN ILMU FISIKA</strong> published by Physics Education Study Program STKIP PGRI Lubuklinggau. The Journal regularly published twice per year in June and December with have P-ISSN 2654-4105 and E-ISSN 2685-9483. <strong>SILAMPARI JURNAL PENDIDIKAN ILMU FISIKA</strong> is a communication medium used by researchers, lecturers, teachers, practitioners, and students to submit research results and prioritize research results in the field of theoretical physics, applied physics, and physics learning including: instrument development, evaluation physics, media development learning of physics, development of physics learning model, and Quasi-Experiment.</p> </div> </div> </div> Pengembangan Buku Ajar Fisika Berbasis Problem Based Learning pada Materi Elastisitas dan Hukum Hooke 2021-07-02T05:24:42+00:00 Dwi Putri Harefa Ovilia Putri Utami Gumay <p>This study aims to develop a Problem Based Learning Physics Textbook on the subject of Elasticity and Hooke's Law that is valid, and practical. The problems in this study are 1) How is the quality of Physics textbooks based on Problem Based Learning if viewed in terms of validity, and practicality, in class XI SMA Negeri 2 Lubuklinggau? 2) How to design and develop a Problem Based Learning-based physics textbook that meets the objectives of validity, and practicality, in class XI of SMA Negeri 2 Lubuklinggau?. The subjects in this study were class XI MIA 2 which consisted of 9 students who were taken by purposive sampling technique. The development model in this study refers to the development model of Sugiyono which consists of 1.Potential and problems, 2.Data collection, 3.Product design, 4.Design validation, 5.Design revision, 6.Product trial, 7.Product revision, 8.Usage trial, 9.Product revision, 10.Mass production. But in this research, only used 9 stages of development. Data was collected by using a student response questionnaire technique. And validation consists of 3 expert validations, material validation with an assessment of 42 in the very good category, language validation with an assessment of 18 in the good category, and media validation with an assessment of 28 in the good category. The validation carried out got results with an assessment of 88 in the good category. Student responses to the physics module based on Problem Based Learning with an assessment of 330 in the very good category. So it can be said that the Problem Based Learning-based physics textbook that has been developed is valid, and practical.</p> 2021-06-19T08:34:23+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Pengembangan Lembar Kerja Siswa Fisika Berbasis Scientific pada Materi Elastisitas dan Hukum Hooke 2021-06-19T09:11:27+00:00 Mayang Sari Ahmad Amin Wahyu Arini <p style="text-align: justify;">Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengembangakan Lembar Kerja Siswa (LKS) Fisika Berbasis <em>Scientific </em>pada pokok bahasan Elastisitas dan Hukum Hooke yang valid, dan praktis. Masalah dalam penelitian ini adalah 1) Bagaimana&nbsp; mendesain&nbsp; dan&nbsp;&nbsp; mengembangkan&nbsp; Lembar Kerja Siswa Fisika berbasis <em>scientific </em>pada&nbsp; materi&nbsp; Elastisitas dan Hukum Hooke Kelas XI SMA Negeri&nbsp; 4 (Model) Lubuklinggau?, 2) Bagaimana kualitas LKS untuk pembelajaran fisika jika ditinjau dari segi kevalidan, dan kepraktisan?, Subjek dalam penelitian ini adalah kelas XI IPA 5 yang terdiri dari 6 siswa yang diambil dengan teknik <em>purposive sampling. </em>Pengembangan penelitian menggunakan model ADDIE yang terdiri dari 1) Analisis Kebutuhan (<em>Analysis</em>), 2) perancangan (<em>design</em>), 3) pengembangan (<em>develop</em>), 4) Implementasi (<em>Implement</em>), 5) Evaluasi (<em>Evaluation</em>). Pengumpulan data dilakukan dengan teknik angket respon siswa. Dan validasi terdiri dari 3 validasi ahli, validasi materi dengan penilaian 44 dalam kategori sangat baik, validasi bahasa dengan penilaian 18 dalam kategori baik, dan validasi media dengan penilaian 29 dalam kategori baik. Validasi yang dilakukan mendapatkan hasil dengan penilaian 91 dalam kategori baik. Respon siswa terhadap lembar kerja siswa fisika berbasis <em>Scientific </em>dengan penilaian 34,16 dalam kategori sangat baik sedangkan hasil uji kompetensi siswa dengan 6 orang sampel 1 orang tidak tuntas 5 orang yang mencapai KKM. Sehingga dapat dikatakan bahwa Lembar Kerja Siswa fisika berbasis <em>Scientific </em>yang dikembangkan telah Valid, dan praktis.</p> 2021-06-19T08:35:10+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Analisis Kemampuan Multirepresentasi Verbal dan Gambar pada Mahasiswa Pendidikan Fisika dalam Memahami Konsep Reaksi Inti Matahari 2021-06-19T09:11:37+00:00 Okta Nur Aisyah Sudarti S <p><em>Multirepresentative ability is the ability to use several media to assist in teaching or material achievement. Multi-representation ability is usually used by educators to make it easier to convey the material provided to students so that it can be understood more by students. Verbal Multirepresentation Ability is a person's ability to understand a theory using verbal sentence instruments. Meanwhile, the ability of multi-representation images is a person's ability to understand a theory using image media. Physics students learn the concepts of the Solar Core Reaction. The Sun's Core Reaction Theory is one that we cannot see directly in our lives but that we can benefit from. The purpose of this study was to analyze the student's ability to analyze a problem using a verbal approach to understanding this material. This research uses descriptive quantitative method. Of the two shortener between the verbal approach and the pictorial approach from the results of this study, students tended to better understand verbal questions with sentences that they were familiar with during their education or with familiar words among physics students compared to pictures that they were not sure if they were what they were. intended because in some books it does not show illustrations or other supporting images to complement the explanation of a theory.</em></p> 2021-06-19T08:35:52+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Analisis Pemahaman Konsep Fisika Peserta Didik Kelas X IPA di SMA Negeri 1 Manokwari melalui Pembelajaran Online 2021-06-19T09:11:51+00:00 Dian Novitasari Sri Wahyu Widyaningsih Sri Rosepda Br. Sebayang <p><em>This study aims to analyze student’s understanding of the physical concepts in class X IPA SMA Negeri 1 Manokwari through the online learning. The research method used is a survey method using a test instrument. The sampling technique used was purposive sampling with the test sample was 66 students from the first 2 classes who completed the material and the research sample was 219 students from&nbsp; the other 7 classes. The instrument used in this study was a test of understanding the concept of physics which was made and arranged by paying attention to the cognitive process of understanding the concept which consisted of 17</em><em> valid</em><em> questions. The results of the analysis showed that the</em><em> student’s</em><em> ability to understand the physics concepts of class X IPA </em><em>at SMA Negeri 1 Manokwari on Newton’s law</em> <em>material about straight motion </em><em>w</em><em>ere</em><em> divided into five categories. The very high category was 4%, the high category was 20%, the moderate category was 39%, the low category was 25% and the very low category was 12%.</em><em> The most visible understanding of the physics concepts is the cognitive process of interpreting with a percentage of very high and high ability students of 57,1%.</em></p> <p><em>&nbsp;</em></p> 2021-06-19T08:36:35+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Analisis Miskonsepsi Siswa Kelas X pada Materi Gerak 2021-06-19T09:12:03+00:00 Ovilia Putri Utami Gumay <p><em>This research &nbsp;is &nbsp;motivated &nbsp;by&nbsp; problems &nbsp;that &nbsp;researchers &nbsp;obtained &nbsp;through &nbsp;library&nbsp; that research on physics misconceptions especially on a straight motion kinematics matter much done both domestically and abroad, but these studies have not been done in SMA Negeri Terawas environment. One of the problems misconceptions related to the problem students in the class X SMA Negeri Terawas is the low learning outcomes of students on the subject of motion kinematics straight. The purpose of this study was to determine the form of misconceptions experienced by X grade students, the low learning outcomes, especially on the subject of motion kinematics straight. This research is a descriptive method. Data collection techniques using multiple choice tests are the reasons, and the level of confidence (CRI). The subjects were taken through purposive sampling technique. From the analysis of students' responses, it was found that of the 14 items were presented, there are 7 items that indicate the occurrence miskonsepsi on students, 2 items showed lack of students to understand the concept, and 5 items showed a good mastery of concepts by students. Number of students who have reached 100 % for the misconceptions about the number 13 with an average high CRI is 4.74, and about the number 14 with an average of 4.76 CRI. The misconception occurs in sub subject matter motion free fall .</em></p> 2021-06-19T08:37:39+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Analisis Kebutuhan E-Modul Fisika sebagai Bahan Ajar Berbasis PBL di MA Muslimat NU 2021-06-19T09:12:14+00:00 Iva Malina Hadma Yuliani Nur Inayah Syar <p><em>This research was conducted to develop a learning resource of the type of learning media in the form of PBL-based teaching materials. Thus, research requires a preliminary study consisting of literature studies and field studies. The type of research conducted is descriptive qualitative research. The data collection instruments of this research were in the form of interview sheets for teacher needs analysis, and student needs analysis questionnaires. The teaching materials developed are in the form of electronic modules (e-modules) that can contain text, images, and learning videos, as an independent learning effort that is systematically arranged. To create an e-module using the Flip PDF Professional application. Needs analysis was conducted to find out the learning resources used by the teacher, the obstacles during the learning process, and the learning resources needed by the students. The results of the analysis of the needs of 44 students of class XI science obtained that 95.5% had a handbook for studying physics, however, 77.3% of students in the static fluid material in the handbook were difficult to understand. So according to 52.3% of students the handbook used is not sufficient as a learning resource and 95.5% of students need other learning resources to support learning activities and 93.2% of students need other learning resources that can be understood independently. These results indicate the need to develop teaching materials in the form of e-modules based on PBL static fluid materials.</em></p> <p><strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </strong></p> 2021-06-19T08:38:11+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Peningkatan Kemampuan Kognitif Siswa melalui Problem Based Learning dengan Evaluasi Berbasis Physics Playing Cards 2021-06-21T16:36:47+00:00 Arin wildani Agus Budiyono Mohammad Lutfiadi <p><em>The purpose of this study is to describe the increase in students' cognitive abilities as an effect of providing problem based learning treatment based on the evaluation of Physics Playing Cards. The method used in the implementation of this research uses a quasi-experimental method, where there is one class as the experimental class and another class as the control class. This study used two sample classes at the State Senior High School (SMAN) 4 Pamekasan which were taken randomly. This research instrument uses a cognitive ability test on wave material. Research data were taken before and after learning. Data were analyzed using N-gain to find out the increase in students' cognitive abilities. The results showed that there was a high increase in students' cognitive abilities in the experimental class and a moderate increase in students' cognitive abilities in the control class. This research can be concluded that the use of evaluation based on Physics Playing Cards in the problem based learning model has increased higher than the problem based learning model alone.</em></p> 2021-06-19T09:08:08+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##